About Us

"Cherry-Electronics.com strive to be at the forefront of new technologies. Cherry Electronics offers a wide variety of products from around the world. Cherry loves all gadgets and we are at the forefront of all wireless technologies. We work tirelessly to be the first to offer new products from around the world".

"Cherry Electronics is focused on the European market. Withstocks held in three countries, we are well placed to offer a variety of new and alternative products, with 

 prompt service and free shipping throughout Europe*." 

At Cherry we provide relevant information and advice for every product sold. We are proud of the performance of our customer service and do not hesitate to give an objective and honest aboutthe proposed range.


For questions regarding our products, please send us your request using the "Contact" form. We will be happy to answer them.

Pick of the month

Each month we will bring you an in-depth look at one of our products.  This product will undergo ruthless testing and we might even add some video footage of how they all meet their death in the resistance test.  

After all, how else do you know how durable a gadget is?


Our aim is to create a series of reviews for all of our products.  We will be offering you the chance to contribute your own reviews and the chance to win CherryPicker credits and discount vouchers for future purchases. Join our newsletter (bottom left) for more info...


"Err, what's that?"

- Ask us! 

The Cherry Electronics Company wish to thank Wired and Stuff Magazine for their valuable contribution in making us addicts".